potential of Hydrogen

Students will navigate through the links I've included to explore the potential of Hydrogen. This, on its own, is a daunting task since the applications are so far reaching. For this reason, the focus of our inquiry will be restricted to something that is manageable for the students; this focus will be identified in the post(s) below. A brief report on their findings will be submitted upon completion.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Math 30P: pH of Soils

a) Identify three different types of soils found in your area. 

b) Determine the pH of each soil type, identify what crops might be well suited for growing there and give reasons why.   Also, indicate what things could be done to make a soil high in alkaline/acidity more suitable for growing a wider variety of crops.   Describe in your own words AND reference the links you visited in arriving at your findings.

c) Identify the pH level of each type of soil and mathematically determine the relative acidity/alkalinity of each "pair" of soils; you should have three comparisons in total.  Show your work for this (or describe your procedure in written form).

You may submit your response as a word document via email OR create a blog similar to the one your are now viewing.  I have included several relevant links below to help you get started.  The information contained within will help you along with this section of your project.

The following links provide a basis of how pH is expressed as a logarithmic function.
pH explained
pH defined

Acids and bases come in various forms.  The links below gives examples and descriptions of each.
Acids & Bases
pH Tutorial

The following link provides a description of soil pH and how it affects the availability of nitrogen to plants.
Soil pH

The links below describe soil from the perspective of its physical and chemical properties.
Soil Structure
Soil Forming Factors

The availability of nitrogen to plants is dependent on various factors.  They are identied in the link below.
The Nitrogen Cycle

There are various methods of testing soil pH; one such method is described in the following link. 
pH Measurements